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VISA® Cards


Credit Card Application

VISA® Classic With Reward Points

Apply Now

Read the VISA® disclosure!

Rate as low as 8.75% APR -- lower than most cards with rewards!

  • Earn points from gas purchases paid at the pump*
  • Earn points on supermarket purchases*
  • Earn points from all purchases** you make with the card during each billing cycle
  • Up to $7,000 credit limit
  • No Annual Fee

VISA® Classic with Rewards Card for Students

Don't just give them cash, give them credit.

With a STJ Federal Credit Union VISA® Classic with Rewards card forStudents, you have peace of mind knowing your student has emergency and everyday buying power without the risks of carrying cash. Plus, your student gets one of the best-value credit cards in the nation and all the benefits of STJ Federal Credit Union membership.

Benefits of a STJ Federal Credit Card for Students:

  • Easy to apply -- simply complete the Application . If the student is not yet a member, he or she can apply for membership right now!
  • As little as a $300 limit -- enough for safety's sake
  • AS Low as 8.75% APR -- compare this low rate to the higher, variable rates offered at other institutions
  • ATM access -- withdraw cash at any ATM displaying the VISA® logo at the same low rate as a purchase -- and no cash advance fee!
  • With STJ Online Banking, they can monitor their purchases and make payments

But the greatest benefit your child receives is a life time affiliation with STJ Federal Credit Union. From a new car to a new home, a checking to a share account, or insurance and financial products offered through STJ Federal Credit Union will be with your child every step of the way.Scorecard rewards

Some conditions and exclusions may apply.

* Net purchases (new monthly purchases minus returns and credits). Rewards are available only for new monthly purchases made with the card: cash advances, checks drawn from the account, and balance transfers are excluded and do not earn credit toward rewards. Certain limitations apply to the VISA® Classic Rewards Program.



New Service Provides
Real-Time Fraud Alerts

SecurLOCK Communicate is a security service providing real-time, two-way SMS texting capability for quicker fraud identification and prevention for STJ cardholders. It also includes interactive voice and email fraud notifications if no response is received by text or phone calls. This new service will help deliver fraud alerts to our cardholders much more quickly and allow you to respond to fraud alerts in a more efficient manner.

This box below shows examples of the helpful SMS text messages you might receive from the SecurLOCK Communicate service:

SecurLock App

STJ is excited to announce that SecurLOCK  app is now available for STJ Visa Credit Cards. This allows our credit card holders to better secure and manage their credit card transactions. SecurLOCK is available to download from your phone’s app store simply by searching for “SecurLOCK Equip”.

Secure Lock Equip

The SecurLOCK app gives you the ability to turn your STJ Visa Credit Card on and off, set up text alerts for transactions, restrict use of the card by transaction amount, transaction type and merchant type. You can also control the geographical location of where your card can be used, including linking it to your cell phone whereby your cell phone must be near the card or the transaction will be declined.

Register with SecurLOCK

After you have downloaded the app, begin by:

  • Tapping on the “Sign Up Free” button, this will start the registration process.
  • The cardholder is prompted to enter her/his card number.
  • After entering the card number, the user taps the “Continue” button. On the next page, the user is prompted to enter the following information to authenticate his/her ownership of the card:
  • Visa credit card security code (found on the back of your credit card)
  • Billing address (street address and zip code).
  • Expiration date (MM/YY).
  • The last four digits of cardholder's SSN
  • Upon tapping “Next”, the data is then validated. After a successful validation, the user will be asked to accept the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.
  • Once the user has accepted the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, the “Create Account” page displays.
  • Lastly, the user will need to create a username and password for logging into the app.

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