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Safari Club

Ages 0-4

Ages 0–4

Ages 5-8

Ages 5–8

Ages 9-13

Ages 9–13

Dream Big. Go Far. Start Now.

At STJ Federal Credit Union, we’re on a mission to transform today’s
youngsters into tomorrow’s dollar scholars. That’s why we’ve created
two youth accounts exclusively for kids and teens:

Safari Club: Ages Birth-12

It’s a jungle out there. Start preparing today with Safari Club
• Dividends earned on account balance
• Trip to the treasure chest with each $5 deposit
• Ability to make deposits into the account via payroll deduct
• Each Safari member receives a special birthday card


It's easy to join the Safari Club with a little help from mom or dad! Just stop in to
open yourmember account. To join The St.Joseph's FCU Safari Club, your child needs to estiablish memebership. Complete a Signature Card with your child's information with a minimum deposit of $5.00. Your child must have a social security number to open a savings account. 

Parents - Need help saving for future college costs?  We offer Coverdell Savings Accounts,  Refer to our IRA page.

Your child may also bring in piggy banks to make deposits.
He or she can pour piggy bank contents into "Coin Max".

*Children under 18 years of age must have an accompanying joint member 18 years of age or older on the account. If you'd like to be authorized to conduct transactions on your child's account, you'll need to complete the joint member information on the membership enrollment application.

NextGen: Ages 13-18
NextGen equips your teens with the financial tools they
need to succeed.
• Checking account with $5 minimum balance requirement plus free
Online Banking, Mobile Banking, Text Banking and more
• Free checks for graduating seniors
• Student loans available through Sallie Mae®
• Reloadable Visa® card 

It’s never too early to learn smart financial habits – so stop
by to open an account today!*