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** Credit Rebuilder Loan **
STJ FCU is now offering a special loan for our members who are trying to rebuild their credit.

Our Credit Rebuilder Loan will be offered at 16.99% APR(regardless of credit score), for $1,000.00, and for a 1 year term.

If you have been employed at the same employer for at least 3 months and sign up for payroll deduction, you may be approved.

For all the requirements call:
(330)478-8400, Robin Bartolet at X 112.

car fax

Buying a used car takes careful consideration. With over 1 billion vehicle records in its database, Carfax can tell you if a car has ever been totaled, damaged from a flood, or had the odometer rolled back. So before you apply for the loan from your credit union, get a Carfax Vehicle History Report from the credit union at a reduced rate.  Call Robin or Kim in the loan department for more information.

Loan Products
Lending Capacity Remains Solid
Our financial strength, structure, and lack of risky sub-prime loans gives us the ability to lend in this environment. That means our members can borrow as normal. Our lending guidelines have not been scrutinized or tightened as with many other lenders today. Our members do not have to jump through hoops to be approved for consumer loans.

We appreciate that you have chosen to be a member of St. Joseph's Federal Credit Union. As we repeatedly state: we do, and will continue to, operate IN YOUR BEST INTEREST, ALWAYS.

Your Money Is SAFE at St. Joseph's FCU.

Signature Loan
Loans secured only by the good faith and signature of the member. These loans have a higher rate of interest than loans secured by shares or other collateral. Click Here for current rates.

Share Secured Loan
Your shares are the collateral for this type of loan. You may borrow up to the total amount of your shares. Your shares continue to earn interest for you and the interest rates for this type of loan are among the lowest offered. You may withdraw shares that exceed the balance of the loan at any time. Click Here for current rates.

Share Certificates Loan
This type of loan uses a Certificate of Deposit as collateral. Your Certificate will continue to earn its stated interest and you will enjoy a lower loan interest rate. Click Here for current rates.

New & Used Auto Loan
These loans are secured by the value of the automobile. STJ FCU will hold a lien on the title to the automobile. Our rates are competitive and you can use the Calculator link to find how much car you can afford and to compare low interest rates versus manufacturer's rebates. Click Here for current rates.


STJ now offers DocuSign.
Sign Credit Union Loan Documents Wherever You Have Email Access!
Click here to see how DocuSign works